Our coloured asphalt products are used in an array of purposes and sectors, one of which being the commercial industry. Natratex and Colourtex surfacing are ideal for tourist areas, city centres and private roads with their vibrant colours and the fact that they're incredibly easy to maintain. The coloured surfacing can be swept or power washed with minimal effort, meaning that time and effort is saved in the long run in your commercial area. They also offer the option or separating areas that need to be clearly defined, for example sporting areas or places in which on certain people have permission to be. This makes us a popular choice for those wishing to lay quick and easily maintained coloured surfacing without prolonged disruption to the specified area.

Commercial Surfacing Repair and Maintenance

We believe that prevention is the best option when it comes to coloured surfacing; adding an emulsion to your asphalt can help to ensure that weather damage and other wear and tear is kept to an absolute minimum, which can save you a lot of money in the long run. However we do realise that damage can't always be prevented, which is why we stock a large range of repairing sealants and other products to help ensure that your coloured surfacing is always well looked after. Contact us today if you have any questions or would like to discuss a quote, we'll be happy to help!

  • Redbridge Redbridge Redbridge Redbridge
    • Location: Next Store, Crest Road, High Wycombe
    • Use: Parking Bays
    • Area (sqm): 350
    • Product: 6mm Grey Colourtex
    • Date: March 2015

    Grey Colourtex was chosen to provide a subtle contrast between the parking bays and aisles. Also to reflect the style, sophistication and colour scheme of the new store.

  • Waitrose, Malmesbury Waitrose, Malmesbury Waitrose, Malmesbury Waitrose, Malmesbury Waitrose, Malmesbury
    • Location: Waitrose, A429, Malmesbury, Wilts
    • Use: Car Park
    • Area (sqm): 4000
    • Product: Natratex Cotswold
    • Date: July 2014

    Natratex was chosen on this scheme as it had to withstand the stresses of turning traffic but also offer great looks. Originally specified was a resin bonded surface, but Natratex provided a significant programme saving to the contractor.