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  • Natratex Buff is our most popular product. Once laid, Natratex Buff provides a long lasting,..

  • Bituchem has been specified by Oxford County Council to provide a high quality, natural solution..

  • Natratex resin bonded surface from Bituchem has been specified by Gloucester City Council to..

  • An affordable solution for carriageway..

  • LockChip is designed to be used on roads that have been surface dressed using proprietary..

  • Area: Courtyard / Pedestrian Area Sqm: 500 approx Site: Gatcombe Manor, Sandy Lane, Newport, Isle..

  • Colourtex Green is regularly asked for in schools for multi-use games areas. We also see it..

  • A bright, pillar-box red that retains it?s colour for years. Used on bus lanes and notably at the..