The Bituchem Group

The Bituchem Group is a privately owned organisation, and we’ve been manufacturing our road and landscaping products since the mid-80s, from our works in the heart of the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire. We have two business streams: Bituchem Asphalt Ltd and Bituchem Building Products. Read on to find out more about us.

Bituchem Asphalt ltd

We manufacture and supply a range of coloured surfacing products, known as Natratex and Colourtex. Both are laid conventionally like “ordinary tarmac’, but rather than being made with a black bitumen they’re made with a clear binder, so that we can produce a range of attractive, longlasting, maintenance free and cost-effective surface courses.

Natratex Gravel is used on pedestrianised schemes and cycle paths.

Natratex Cotswold is used where the surface is trafficked.

Colourtex is used in more formal areas or where demarcation is required.

Natratex or Colourtex Porous is available to use on pedestrian and lightly trafficked areas.  (Ideally, to be laid through a paving machine)

Our Heavy Duty product is used on heavily trafficked areas, or areas that are highly stressed due to frequent turning.

A cold-lay option, in 25kg buckets, Natratex Cold-Lay or Colourtex Cold-Lay, is also available for small patching areas. 

We also produce clear pre coated chipping for use with black asphalt.

Bituchem Building Products Ltd

Manufacture and supply a range of highway emulsions, available in bulk or packaged:

  • Cationic grades: Bitutack 40, 50, 60, 70% - for tack coating and tar spray & chips.
  • Polymer modified bond coats: Polybond 50, 60 and 65% 
  • Surface Dressing Binders: Polbit - intermediate grade, Fortcoat - Premium grade.
  • Ancillary products: Hot Joint Paint and Cold Seal Paint
  • Preservation Products: Fortseal - for sealing the road surface and preventing potholes.
  • Lockchip - for holding down the chippings on newly surface dressed roads. 

Why Bituchem?

  • Quality - we are ISO9001, 14001 and 18001 certified.
  • Customer service - we are friendly, efficient and straightforward to deal with.
  • Customer orientated - we genuinely listen to what our customers want and do our best to meet.

What our customers say