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What Are The Different Types Of Bituminous Materials Used In Road Construction?

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If you don’t have experience or knowledge in highway construction or maintenance work, you may not be aware of the different types of bituminous materials commonly used in the industry. Materials used for road construction and surfacing need to be high performing, durable and effective. In this article, we will outline each bituminous material in more detail. 


A material you may have heard of is tarmac, short for tarmacadam. This road surfacing material is made from a mixture of crushed aggregate such as sand and molten tar. It is traditionally applied hot, then allowed to cool down to form a strong and durable surface. Because of these characteristics, this material is the ideal surfacing material for driveways. Over the years, the use of tarmac has declined, as new innovative bituminous materials have become more popular.


Bitumen is a black and highly adhesive form of petroleum. It is also a by-product of crude oil. It is commonly used in road construction to act as a binder for aggregates in the production of asphalt and as a waterproofing agent in the form of bituminous membranes. Other than road construction, other uses include roof felting. Although it is highly viscosity and comes semi-solid, it can make it difficult to work with at room temperature, so it is usually heated to make it more fluid and easier to use in road construction.


Asphalt, sometimes referred to as asphalt concrete, is a composite material used for highway repairs and pavement waterproofing. Similar to tarmac, asphalt is also mixed with aggregates and another materia, this material is bitumen. However, bitumen and asphalt can sometimes mean the same material to some people. To avoid confusion, it is worth noting that bitumen is a key component of asphalt. Once laid, it creates an extremely durable, long-lasting and smooth surface. 

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