Pothole Repair – Why is it Important?

Pothole repair is an important topic for all motorists. In 2016, the AA stated that 40% of its members had suffered pothole damage in the previous two years. According to the RAC, their data shows that call outs caused by potholes have doubled over the past decade. Typical damage from a pothole impact includes buckled wheels, cracks, lumps in the tyre, cracked alloys and problems with the tracking and wheel balancing. Broken suspension springs and damaged shock absorbers can occur from driving over a pothole.

A combination of wet weather conditions and increased traffic causes potholes. What starts as a small defect or crack in the road surface allows water to penetrate. During cold weather, the water freezes and expands to form a cavity. More water settles in the hole making it worse when combined with daily road use.

With a reported repair bill for UK motorists running into £684 million during 2015 (source The Telegraph/KwikFit) and councils paying compensation in addition to the cost of pothole repair. It is time for an efficient and innovative highway repairs solution.

Pothole Repair Solutions from BituChem

Our surface technology has been developed for speedy, safe, and effective pothole repair. This innovative highway emulsion used in collaboration with our partner’s mobile patch repair systems. It is ideal for planned and emergency pothole repair to the carriageway. All highway repair work is carried out by the operative from the cab of the truck. Using an adjustable boom extending from the front of the vehicle which greatly improves safety.

We can either supply your contractor with the specialist materials for pothole repair or the BituChem Contracting Team can carry out highway repairs. Discover more about our materials and systems for road repairs.

AirPatch Pothole Repairs

An engineered sprayed application.

  • Repairs potholes and other surface deformations
  • Engineered for durable highway repairs
  • Polymer modified surface treatment
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EasyPatch Highway Repairs

A cost effective manual process for pothole repair.

  • Repairs potholes and other surface deformations
  • Polymer modified road emulsion

DragonPatch Pothole Repair

An engineered application for use with ‘The Dragon’

  • Repairs potholes and other surface deformations
  • Engineered for outstanding highway repairs
  • Polymer modified road surfacing

We also offer an un-modified version of these pothole repair products, contact us below for more details.

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