Road Surfacing Technologies and Highway Emulsions from BituChem

Road surfacing products come in many different variations. BituChem has a complete range of products, materials, and technologies to suit the requirements of your project. Whether you are constructing a new road system or highway, or you are responsible for the maintenance of existing networks. We have the surfacing materials for paving, dressing, sealing, weather proofing and repairing highways and pedestrian zones and cycle paths around the world.

Highway Bond Coats
BituChem supply both polymer modified bituminous emulsions and cationic emulsions for highway bondcoats. Being asphalt bonding specialists, we have the solution to suit the technical specifications for your project. Whether you are applying highway bondcoats to a major road system or a domestic asphalt driveway, we have the product and quantity you require.

Highway Bituminous Products
BituChem manufacture a range of highway bituminous products which will preserve and protect the surface dressing. Whether you are looking to seal a newly dressed section of carriageway or you need to apply a coating to preserve and conserve an existing section as part of a regular maintenance schedule. Our bonding products provide effective joint sealing and our emulsions are compatible with a range of aggregates. We also supply patching and micro asphalt materials for a high quality repair and surface finish.

Road Emulsion
The range of road emulsions produced by BituChem are effective with many different types of aggregates. Being ISO9001, 14001 and 18001 certified, you can rely on our highway emulsions meeting the high standards required for the rigours of the modern road network. Our team at BituChem can advise you further on the specifications of our road emulsions and technical data sheets are available on request.

Highway Surfacing
When it comes to highway surfacing, BituChem has a proven record in providing leading edge products and materials to the highway maintenance and construction industries. We manufacture road surfacing materials including bituminous products, emulsions, bond coats, paving and road waterproofing to keep traffic and pedestrians on the move. We have decades of experience in manufacturing surfacing products. Contractors around the world can rely on the best quality combined with a friendly, efficient service.

Surface Dressing
Surface dressing is a means of adding a top layer of protection to the carriageway. It is a weather proof layer which stops water from penetrating into the layers of road below. This would cause greater damage and be more expensive to repair as a resurfacing exercise. The regular application of surface dressing is an efficient means of road preservation with the carriageway lasting up to a decade longer. The grip level of the surface can also be maintained as an important part of road safety.

Surface Treatment
Surface treatment, like surface dressing, has the aim of preserving and maintaining the carriageway. Stopping the ingress of water prevents potholes, cracks, and surface deformations. This can be done through asphalt sealing, Micro Asphalt, and treatments like LockChip and FortSeal. We have a comprehensive range of surface treatment products available to contractors. Or we have an expert team who can carry out this work directly.

Pothole Repair
Pothole repair is an important issue for motorists. Winter is a notorious time of year for potholes to appear. Getting them repaired swiftly is essential to avoid damage to vehicles. Here at The BituChem Group we supply our innovative AirPatch, EasyPatch and DragonPatch products for the efficient repair of potholes and other surface deformations. We are here to help you keep the highways and busy roads running smoothly all year round.

Road Repairs
Keeping the nation’s roads in full working condition requires a regular programme of inspection and road repairs all year round. BituChem Asphalt Ltd supply highway surfacing treatment materials so that contractors and councils can maintain the carriageway and pavements. Find out more about our portfolio of highway preservation products.

Highway Waterproofing
Regular applications of highway waterproofing and sealing will enable surface water to disperse to the drainage systems. Modern roads are very busy with traffic and require treatments to prolong the life of the asphalt which reduces the disruption experienced during major resurfacing works.