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When roads are constructed, many different materials are placed on top of one another so that the road surface is able to withstand continual use. It is vital that these materials are stuck together properly, otherwise there is a possibility of damage. 

The majority of uses for asphalt bonding bondcoats is resurfacing – road surfaces need continuous maintenance due to the amount of traffic using the road and causing damage to the surface over time. When roads become damaged and worn, the aggregate underneath is exposed, which weakens the surface and causes more damage. When a bondcoat is placed over the worn surface, it replaces the old surface and bonds to the new overlay.

Bond Coats are usually applied hot when they are supplied by a road tank sprayer. When it is cured and becomes tacky, an overlay can be placed over it.


Depending on the application for asphalt bonding BituChem produce a range of emulsions suitable for bond coating, each having different properties for different purposes:



  • Provides an adhesive bond between layers
  • Waterproof, seals the road construction to prevent ingress of water
  • A range of polymer modified bituminous emulsions
  • Available in grades 50, 60 and 65

PolyBond Duo

  • Our innovative 2in1 polymer modified bituminous emulsion
  • Both highway layer and the vertical joints can be sprayed at the same time
  • NO need for a manual application; mitigating the risk of injury in a live traffic environment

“PolyBond Duo is a fantastic multi-use product…Such a high quality product; we use it on vertical joints and surface course it seals magnificantly…

From a H&S it eliminates loan worker; mans in the tanker and not out there exposed to traffic and eliminates all risk of hot burns from the old traditional hot boiler…it really is a fantastic product for us and it helps us immensly on site”.

Jeff Glasspoole, Operations Manager – Aggregate Industries Contracting

BituTack Road Emulsion

Traditional cationic emulsions:

BituTack 40

A conventional tack coat (formerly referred to as K1-40).

  • Quick break
  • Manually applied
  • CE marked

BituTack 70

A higher grade emulsion for traditional “tar spray and chip” projects.

  • Only available in the summer months
  • Quick break
  • CE marked

Our cationic emulsions are also available in grades 55 and 60.

All of our polymer modified and cationic emulsions are available in BULK, IBCs, 200 litre Drums or 25kg Containers.

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Learn more about Asphalt Bonding and Highway Bondcoats from BituChem at our dedicated Knowledge Hub! If you’re unsure what it is you need for your application, contact us today and our asphalt bonding experts will be happy to help

Data Sheets and Material Safety Data Sheets are available upon request

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