BituChem Re-Brand Reaches its First Year!


The new and improved BituChem & NatraTex branding celebrates it's first year.


Surface Treatment to Increase the Life Span of Roads

Surface treatment methods and materials prolong the usability of roads. Road surfacing is the layer which seals and protects the main structural layers below. BituChem have a range of outstanding preservation treatments.


Preventing Highway Repairs with BituChem

Highway repairs are going to be required at some point in the life span of any road. We have been generating innovative and leading edge technologies for the road surfacing industry for decades.


Micro Asphalt Products for Surfacing Contractors

Micro asphalt is just one of an array of products and materials available to surfacing contractors and local authorities in the continuous battle to keep Britain’s road network in good condition.


Road Surfacing Materials and Products from BituChem

Road surfacing is usually undertaken during the warmer months of the year, typically from the middle of April through to late August. Bituchem are at the forefront of UK road surfacing supplies. We help local authorities to maintain the road system and to achieve the best results.


Leaders in Emulsions, Sealants and Surfacing for Road Repairs

Road repairs are vital to keeping the nations road system working. BituChem are specialists in the manufacture and supply of highway bituminous emulsions, sealants and surfacing for road repairs and highway resurfacing.


Surface Treatment for Road Construction from BituChem

BituChem specialise in the manufacture and distribution of highway surfacing products to the road construction industry.


Pothole Repair for Cycle Safety

Pothole repair is an important issue for all road users and cyclists are amongst the most vulnerable. BituChem has the solution...


Micro Asphalt Prevents Major Roadworks

Micro Asphalt is applied to the road surface to prevent major road reconstruction. Acting as a reinforcement to the existing asphalt, providing a waterproof layer and once cured, improves traction.


Road Surfacing Products and Innovation

Road surfacing products are at the heart of BituChem. We make it our mission to manufacture and provide the highest quality products for road construction and highway repairs.