BituChem Re-Brand Reaches its First Year!


The new and improved BituChem & NatraTex branding celebrates it's first year.


Road Sealing, why is it Important?

Road sealing is essential to protect the joints where sections of surfacing meet. Larger areas can also be treated and defended to improve the longevity of road surfacing once installed.


Road Structure and Anatomy

Road structure is not something most drivers consider when travelling along a motorway or A Road. Beneath your wheels and tyres is a complex system of engineering which rivals that of any architecture and machinery.


Pothole Repair Solutions for National Pothole Day

Pothole repair is a hot topic in January, as this month sees the annual National Pothole Day. The condition of the UK’s roads and highways is brought into focus. Across social media and the press road users vent their frustration at the consequences of a collision with this type of surface defect.


Highway Repairs for Winter Roads

Highway repairs during the winter tend to be reactive. Often caused by a spell of bad weather, snow, flooding, storm damage or burst water mains. The additional stresses to the highway surfacing combined with more road journeys lead to defects.


Road Emulsion Provides Efficient Solutions

Road emulsion provides a cost-effective way of maintaining streets and highways. Adding and restoring a new layer of surfacing prolongs the life of the road. It prevents the need for more invasive and disruptive reconstruction.


Highway Surfacing for Winter Conditions

The clocks have changed, and Autumn is starting to give way to Winter. With it comes colder temperatures and more pressures on our roads.


Road Surfacing Products for Reactive and Planned Repairs

Road maintenance is divided into two categories; those that are pre-planned and those that are reactive. BituChem supply products for both types of road surfacing.


Goodnight and sleep tight Kate!

Our close and beloved friend, Kate Butler, sadly passed away Wednesday 31st October after a long, brave battle with cancer.


Spray Tanker Applications for Surface Dressing

Should you see a “Road Ahead Closed” and diversion sign, often there is a spray tanker and a road mending crew hard at work ahead. They are carrying out vital resurfacing work and the distinctive smell of bitumen is synonymous with road repairs.


Road Surfacing and the Legacy of Extreme Weather

Road surfacing has come under massive pressure during 2018 with a series of intense and unusual weather events. Following these extreme highs and lows, BituChem has a full range of road surfacing materials to return the network to full working order.