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Bituchem Asphalt, Contracting And Building Products

The Bituchem Group is a privately owned company comprising of two main business streams: Bituchem Asphalt Ltd and Bituchem Building Products Ltd. Read on to find out more information about each service we professionally provide.

Bituchem Asphalt Ltd

This is the manufacture and supply - to surfacing contractors throughout England & Wales - of a range of durable and fully bonded natural aggregate asphalt surface courses known as Natratex and Colourtex.The Natratex and Colourtext products are specially designed to provide the very best results in surfacing, with many benefits that you can't get from any other product. The resin bound and resin bounded surfaces made with Natratex and Colourtex are available in a vast array of vivid colours, suitable for use as coloured paving, coloured playgrounds, coloured cycle paths and other surfaces which may require markings or separated sections.

Our Bituchem Asphalt services are suitable for both domestic and public locations, often used in driveways, carparks and as decorative landscaping. It is environmentally friendly whilst at the same time having optimum durability, compromising absolutely nothing in quality. Whether you're interested in our Natratex or Colourtext products, take a look at some examples here and see the incredible results for yourself. 

Bituchem Building Products Ltd

This involves the manufacture and supply of a range of bulk and packed emulsion products for use in the surface dressing and the highways industry. We stock a wide range of products to suit every type of surfacing, so no matter what the properties of your grounding are, one of the following can offer optimum protection: Bitutack 40, 55, 60, and 70, Polyband, Fortseal, Lockchip, Cold Seal Paint, Easypatch, Fortcoat, Hot Joint Paint, Polbit and Sealapave.

These products can all help to protect against moisture and frost damage that could otherwise be detrimental to your surfaces. Follow this link to read how each individual product can help your specific resin bound or resin bonded surfaces, or contact us if you need help choosing which is the best option for you.