What our clients say

“Your company recently completed the resurfacing of Church Street, Great Bedwyn. Unfortunatelty despite signs being put out two cars were left on the road so you couldn’t complete the job.

I telephoned to see what could be done and you gave me Damian’s mobile number. I had a chat with him and he explained how it would all be completed and gave me the timeframe, due to bad weather in Lancashire they were delayed by a week but he texted me beforehand to keep me in the loop and he confirmed the new date which was today. He also called me to tell me the job had been completed.

Just wanted to pass on my thanks to Damian and his team for doing a great job and for the great customer service.”

– Great Bedwyn resident

“Specifying LockChip has become an integral part of Cambridgeshire Highways surface treatments programme.Each year selected sites are inspected with the BituChem team to assess suitability for the LockChip product.

This selection process means that the investment is targeted at ideal sites where the road users of Cambridgeshire will appreciate immediate benefits of the process.

The Term Maintenance Contractor, with the expert knowledge of the surface dressing contractor and BituChem are making a real difference to Cambridgeshire’s roads.”

– Jonathan Clarke, Highway Maintenance Manager-Cambridgeshire County Council

“BituChem’s AirPatch product has proved itself on site.  We are more than happy with the product and excellent service that we get from BituChem” 

– Andy Potter, Operations Manager, East Riding of Yorkshire Council

“PolyBond Duo is a fantastic multi-use product…Such a high quality product; we use it on vertical joints and surface course it seals magnificantly…

From a H&S it eliminates loan worker; mans in the tanker and not out there exposed to traffic and eliminates all risk of hot burns from the old traditional hot boiler…it really is a fantastic product for us and it helps us immensly on site”.

– Jeff Glasspoole, Operations Manager – Aggregate Industries Contracting