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How Road Surfacing Impacts Safety: Importance of Well-maintained Roads

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Road surfacing plays a critical role in ensuring road safety and the overall well-being of road users and communities. In the UK, the importance of well-maintained roads can’t be overlooked. As a road surfacing company ourselves, we believe it’s important to understand how road surfacing impacts our safety. Continuing reading as we explain why maintaining roads in optimal condition is crucial.

Foundation of Road Safety

The foundation of road safety lies in the quality of the road surface. The condition of the road surface affects not only the comfort of road users but also the handling of vehicles. Well-maintained roads provide a smooth and stable platform for vehicles, reducing the risk of accidents caused by skidding or loss of control.

Reduce Road Accidents

One of the primary reasons for investing in high-quality road surfacing is to reduce accidents and casualties. In the UK, road accidents can have severe consequences, ranging from minor injuries to fatalities. Well-maintained road surfaces with proper drainage can reduce the risk of aquaplaning, a significant contributor to a number of road accidents. This can happen during heavy rain conditions when a vehicle’s tyres lose grip with the road due to water buildup, causing the vehicle to become difficult to control. Additionally, smooth road surfaces minimise wear and tear on vehicles, reducing the likelihood of accidents caused by mechanical failure. 

Improve Visibility

Well-maintained road surfacing also plays a role in improving visibility while commuting. Adequate road markings and reflective materials ensure that drivers can see the road clearly, even in adverse weather conditions or low light situations. This is particularly crucial in the UK, where fog, rain and short daylight hours are common challenges faced by road users.

Minimise Congestion

In urban areas, well-maintained road surfaces can help minimise congestion. Potholes and uneven road surfaces lead to slower traffic flow and increased frustration among drivers and road users. Regular road maintenance and resurfacing can prevent these issues, ensuring smoother traffic flow and reducing the risk of accidents caused by sudden stops or lane changes.

Contact Leading Road Surfacing Specialists 

Road surfacing is not just about laying asphalt, it’s about ensuring the safety and efficiency  of the road network. By investing in high-quality road surfacing, you can contribute to safer roads and reduced accidents for all road uses. As one of the UK’s leading road surfacing specialists, BituChem undertakes road projects worldwide using their range of highly-effective surfacing products including LockChip, FortSeal and more. 

If you’re interested in learning how BituChem products can maintain roads and ensure road safety, visit our knowledge hub or read our testimonials. Otherwise, contact us today to discuss your next road project.