What is road surface dressing?

Road surface dressing is a treatment applied to roads that stops the deterioration of a road surface. A type of preventative road maintenance and highway preservation, surface dressing is cost-effective as it has the potential to subvert the need for more extensive and expensive rebuilding works, allowing for budgets to be maximised across the board.

What is surface dressing?

Surface dressings can be applied to roads in order to preserve and seal the surface in one application. Surface dressing also has many other benefits. For example, it helps to make the road surface waterproof and protects it against frost and water damage, which reduces the occurrence of potholes. It also has the potential to make roads safer by providing improved resistance to skidding.

LockChip Sealed Surface Dressing System

LockChip, an innovative sealed surface dressing from BituChem, achieves all the above while leaving the appearance of the surface a uniform black which is comparative to a new asphalt surface. It is also a quick, efficient solution for preserving roads as it cures in just 20 minutes, which makes it ideal for application on busy road networks with high levels of traffic.

Road surface dressing with BituChem

At BituChem, we manufacture and supply surface dressing, treatments and micro asphalts to the road surfacing industry. From our base in Gloucestershire, we are able to serve almost all corners of the United Kingdom and, with over 25 years of experience in road repairs and highway preservation, we are able to provide expert advice on any sized project.

To learn more about road surface dressing from BituChem, please contact us. Our team would be happy to discuss your project and recommend the most suitable course of action.