What is micro asphalt?

Micro asphalt is a form of highway surfacing used in highway preservation. It is made up of a mixture of aggregates and bitumen emulsions and acts as a replacement for hot asphalt, with the advantage that it can be laid far thinner. Micro asphalt features all the well-known characteristics of a hot asphalt; however, unlike other forms of Bitumen, this material doesn’t need a spray tanker with a boiler, and it is laid cold. 

Micro asphalt is most often used as a preventative maintenance treatment to avoid disruption to roads by major road reconstruction. In Europe, it is commonly used as a surfacing solution for autobahns, major non-urban roads, and urban roads. Major road works have the potential to be very expensive and cause significant disruption to road users, especially if a road needs to be planned and reconstructed. 

The benefits of micro asphalt are as such that, when deployed strategically, this type of surface dressing can prolong the life of a road surface with minimal disruption – making it the ideal solution for busy highways. 

How is micro asphalt applied?

Micro asphalt can be applied to any road surface. The depth and number of applications willvary dependent on the road. In particular, the amount of traffic that the road receives will greatly determine how deep the highway surfacing material needs to be applied. For busier roads, we may recommend several applications to ensure longevity, however thinner applications are generally needed in comparison to hot asphalt.

On application, micro asphalt is a liquid. This liquid dries quickly, leaving the road ready for traffic normally within 30 minutes.

What are the benefits of micro asphalt?

When applied, micro asphalt creates a new layer of protective highway surfacing. This process works to reinforce the strength and durability of the existing asphalt. Not only is this process quick, it is also very easy to do and does not require full reconstruction or planning of a road.

As well as this, micro asphalt is waterproof and, once cured, improves traction, making roads safer for users. More than just a short-term solution, this material can prolong the life of a road for up to 10 years without the need for invasive road repairs that cause significant disruption. What’s more, due to its waterproof nature and inherent strength, an application of this material can reduce the need for reactive road repairs, making it a low cost, long-term solution.

Micro Asphalt from BituChem

At BituChem, we manufacture and supply micro asphalt and surface dressing emulsions such as SuperChip, ColdSeal, and PolyBond for road and pothole repair. BituChem are well placed to serve projects throughout the United Kingdom, and our micro asphalt is an affordable, easy to apply solution that causes minimal disruption to roads.

To find out more about micro asphalt, or any of our other highway surfacing solutions, contact BituChem today. We can work with you to decide which of our surface dressing, emulsions or micro asphalt solutions are most prudent for your project and advise on the application process.