Surface treatment is the application of bituminous emulsions on the road surface, either using a spray tanker or by hand – for example if you’re using a ColdSeal product. Each of our products has a specific purpose and outcome. This could be road waterproofing, joining vertical sections of asphalt, pothole repair, or any number of highway surfacing or repair. 

At BituChem, we pride ourselves on being surface treatment experts. We manufacture a full and varied range of specialist products for the preservation of roads, highways, pavements, cycle paths, and car parks. This wide range ensures that our customers can handle whatever problems they are faced with – whether it’s something as simple as pothole repair or something as fiddly as sealing up the sides of freshly laid sections of asphalt during road repairs.

Millions of pedestrians, motorists, and cyclists travel around the intricate network of pathways and carriageways of our towns and cities. This vital infrastructure is the basis of our everyday commute – whether that commute takes us to work or school. This system enables the distribution of goods to our shops, and it is a platform for our journeys to visit family and friends, when we go on holiday. 

Keeping all this infrastructure in the best possible condition requires a continuous surface treatment programme. We are here to supply the materials required for such a program, to local authorities and their civil engineer contractors to meet the challenges of preserving our road network. Whether you’re looking for a product for pothole repair or hot joint paint, you can find it at BituChem.

Surface Treatment for Roads, Highways, and Pavements

In a world of increased traffic and climate change our carriageways are undergoing more strain than ever. 

BituChem has the surface treatment products and expertise to arrest the degradation of paths and road surfaces. In prolonging the lifespan of asphalt and macadam, major repair work can be avoided and disruption is minimised. Both the organisations responsible for our road networks and the wider British public save money in the long term. 

BituChem make and supply surface treatment for both large scale resurfacing, surface dressing or localised road repairs. For more information about our range of road surfacing products, please contact BituChem today. 

Supplying and Installing Surface Treatment

Apart from the manufacture and provision of surfacing materials, you can hire the BituChem contracting team to install the surface treatment to your highway project. 

Contact us for further information about any of our products or to hire our contracting team.

Knowledge Hub

Learn more about surface treatment products and applications from BituChem at our dedicated Knowledge Hub!