LockChip Sealed Surface Dressing

LockChip is the innovative sealed surface dressing system from BituChem. Achieving the excellent results follows several stages. The first sees the laying of conventional surface dressing. This can be done in any design at a depth of 6mm or 10mm and is either single or double racked. Once the newly dressed road has received two sweeps, BituChem’s contracting team applies the LockChip bitumen coating to fully seal the highway. The innovative binder sits within the macro-texture of the chips in the new surface.

LockChip Surface Dressing


The Benefits of LockChip Sealed Surface Dressing

This application significantly improves the early life retention of the chips in all areas of the dressing. Providing waterproofing and increased durability to prevent defects, cracks, and potholes. LockChip binder also enhances the appearance of the new surface to a deep, uniform black which is comparative to a new asphalt surface. Another major benefit of this sealed surface dressing for repairs is that the coating cures in 20 minutes, enabling the carriageway to be reopened quickly. On busy road networks with high levels of traffic this helps to minimise disruption to the public.

Highway Preservation

Discover More About LockChip Sealed Surface Dressing

Watch the video below to see for yourself how we improve the performance and appearance of traditional surface dressing.



LockChip is one of many innovative surface dressing solutions from BituChem. Please complete the Enquiry Form below for additional product information.

An aesthetically pleasing surface dressing emulsion used to lock (seal) down newly dressed highways.

  • Application on new highways
  • PTS PAS Approved sealed surface dressing
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Locks down aggregate
  • Prevents ingress of water
  • Prevents potholes
  • Preservation
  • Applied by specialist contracting team

What our clients say

“Specifying LockChip has become an integral part of Cambridgeshire Highways surface treatments programme.

Each year selected sites are inspected with the BituChem team to assess suitability for the LockChip product.

This selection process means that the investment is targeted at ideal sites where the road users of Cambridgeshire will appreciate immediate benefits of the process.

The Term Maintenance Contractor, with the expert knowledge of the surface dressing contractor and BituChem are making a real difference to Cambridgeshire’s roads.”

Jonathan Clarke, Highway Maintenance Manager-Cambridgeshire County Council

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