Air Patch Spray Tanker Road Repairs

Air Patch is a high performance engineered application using a spray tanker. This method and materials provides an excellent “break” and quality pot hole repair. A mobile and efficient solution for multiple small scale road repairs using innovative technology.

  • Repairs potholes and other surface deformations
  • Sprayed into pothole with aggregate
  • Engineered to be compatible with local aggregate
  • Ensures superb adhesion of binder to aggregate
  • Bespoke Highway emulsion
  • Polymer modified (unmodified version available)
  • Spray tanker ensures no need for manual application; mitigating the risk of injury in live traffic environments

“BituChem’s AirPatch product has proved itself on site.  We are more than happy with the product and excellent service that we get from Bituchem” 

– Andy Potter, Operations Manager, East Riding of Yorkshire Council