Highway waterproofing is an essential part of maintaining the network of motorways, major A roads and minor roads across the UK. 

Keeping traffic moving and reducing disruption benefits every driver and passenger on the road. A report by Inrix, the travel data company, stated that stationary traffic on motorways, main roads and A roads costs the UK economy £ 9 billion each year. Traffic jams can occur for many reasons. However, if preserving the road surface and regular maintenance is concerned any disruption can be kept to a minimum. 

BituChem has a portfolio of specialist road emulsions to preserve and repair the carriageway efficiently. Regular applications of highway waterproofing will ultimately save everyone time and money.

Highway Waterproofing Solutions from BituChem

Preventing the ingress of water is the key to avoiding cracks, and deformations, and reduces the risk of emergency pothole repair.

For essential highway waterproofing maintenance, Fortseal is an important treatment to combat the effects of a wetter climate and increased traffic. In preserving the structural integrity of the highway surface, it improves safety for drivers, cyclists, and other vehicle users.


The protective emulsion improves the longevity of the asphalt and reduces the future disruption caused by major resurfacing. The applied layer blackens the macadam giving the appearance of a newly laid road surface.

LockChip is a sealed surface dressing which can be applied with great efficiency. The combination of aggregate chippings, sealed with a bitumen road emulsion, provides a highly effective form of highway waterproofing. When applied by our specialist contracting team, and under optimum conditions, the coating of emulsion cures in twenty minutes. Significantly reducing the time in which a section of road cannot be used.

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BituChem supplies a wide range of highway bituminous products for road, pavement and highway repair and waterproofing.

To find out more about these products, please contact us and a member of our team will be happy to supply a quote or further technical details.

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