Surface Treatment for Road Construction from BituChem

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The depth and build up of each layer of road construction is designed and altered to meet the environment in which it is situated and the number and types of traffic using it. LockChip surface dressing and Fortseal are two systems for highway preservation. BituChem is at the forefront of product innovation to ensure the most cost effective way of building and maintaining road surfaces.

Road Construction Layers and Surfacing

Road construction in its most basic concept consists of four layers. Everything starts with cleared levelled and compacted earth. Sitting on top of this is a sub base layer; usually a mixture of sand, gravel, and crushed stone, all compacted into the thickest layer. The purpose of the next level, the binder layer, is to distribute the weight of traffic and disperse it down through the structure below. This is made of highly durable aggregate which is fully bound with bitumen to create a stable platform for the final layer. The top layer, which is exposed to the weather and traffic must be very hard wearing. This asphalt surface course is a mixture of smaller graded aggregates bound and sealed to create a waterproof durable topping for a smooth driving experience.

Highway Surfacing in Road Construction

The science and engineering behind road construction is actually highly complex and results in a structure which many in the developed world take for granted. Road users are often unaware of the development of the surface engineering over which they travel.

BituChem specialise in the manufacture and distribution of road surfacing products to the road construction industry. With a variety of bitumen emulsions at their disposal, contractors utilise our products to undertake all aspects of laying and preserving roads.

Highway surfacing acts as the first line of defence against the weather and stops water and spillages from penetrating deeper into the construction and causing greater damage. Our high quality materials create a durable top layer to withstand the wheel load of passing vehicles while delivering a surface with good traction. To discuss the requirements of your road construction project further, please contact us.