Innovative Sealed Surface Dressing For Speedy Road Repairs

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Road repairs and road preservation is a necessary part of road maintenance. Not only do these essential works ensure roads remain safe for all vehicle users, but they also contribute to the efficient and smooth running of the infrastructure our country relies on.

In May 2020, the Department for Transport announced a multi-billion-pound infrastructure package to support the country’s economic recovery and level-up infrastructure across the UK. The Transport Infrastructure Investment fund is now being used to improve roads, repair bridges, and fill in millions of potholes across England.

Minimising Disruption In Road Repairs

One of the key considerations when planning road repairs and maintenance is the impact on traffic flow. This is especially true on busy road networks with high levels of traffic as the knock-on effect in any given area can be very disruptive to the public.

Our solution to this is our extensive range of innovative road preservation products. As one of the UK’s leading road surfacing and highway repairs specialists, we are dedicated to producing the best in highway preservation, highway solutions and pothole repair.

LockChip Sealed Surface Dressing

LockChip sealed surface dressing is one of our flagship road surfacing products. Designed to both improve the early life retention of chips and minimise disruption to the public, LockChip is an aesthetically pleasing, effective and efficient solution to road repair and highway preservation.

LockChip is applied to a newly dressed road that has received two sweeps. The innovative binder locks in the chips on the new surface, providing better early life retention of chips, waterproofing, and durability against defects and potholes. As well as all this, LockChip cures in just 20 minutes, which helps to significantly reduce disruption to road users and allow traffic to flow quickly following road preservation.

Learn More About LockChip With BituChem

If you would like to learn more about LockChip and how it can be used to support road preservation and road maintenance, contact us. We undertake projects of all shapes and sizes and pride ourselves on being trustworthy and collaborative with all our customers throughout each project.

From highway preservation to asphalt bonding, asphalt sealing and pothole repair, we offer a range of innovative solutions such as LockChip which are designed to keep road surfaces safe for all road users.