Surface Treatment

Surface Treatment to Increase the Life Span of Roads

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Surface treatment methods and materials prolong the usability of roads. Road surfacing is the layer which seals and protects the main structural layers below. It withstands rain, snow and ice and provides tyre traction to vehicles of all kinds, enabling the smooth transit of people and goods on our road network. Regular inspections and reports of defects by the public inform a County Council’s surface treatment schedule. There will be a process of regular maintenance complimented by a series of urgent resurfacing projects. Urgent road repairs are for damage which is not considered dangerous or critical but warrant a speedier response between regular maintenance activities.

Micro Asphalt Surface Treatment from BituChem

Surface treatment using micro asphalt is a very cost effective means of reinforcing the top layer of road. In applying a new level of fine aggregate and sealing it, any impairments are fixed and levelled to create a new strengthened topping. The premise of this is that in applying this system the need for more invasive repairs are stopped. It can be used reactively in isolated cases to repair potholes or it can be applied to a whole street or stretch of road as a preventative measure.

More Surface Treatment Solutions from BituChem

The BituChem technicians have developed a portfolio of surface treatment emulsions to extend the life span of our road network. Keeping the UK motoring each year is a massive investment and making the best use of the budget involves preventing damage by strengthening the asphalt shell. Products like FortSeal cover the aggregate and restore it back to black; guarding from the rigours of the elements and traffic. With emulsions like Lock Chip having a cure time of just twenty minutes, it is easy to see that any inconvenience caused by work on the day is minimised. Coupled with being able to avert more in depth repairs, and the losses associated with such disruption, BituChem have a range of outstanding preservation treatments. Contact us to find out more.