Road Structure

Road Structure and Anatomy

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Road structure is not something most drivers consider when travelling along a motorway or A Road. Beneath your wheels and tyres is a complex system of engineering which rivals that of any architecture and machinery. Carefully constructed to allow for topography, traffic volume and exposure to the elements. A typical road consists of multiple layers of materials which are built up along a defined route, allowing motorists to journey from A to B at speeds unimaginable over a century ago. 21st Century highways must withstand more traffic than ever before and BituChem is leading the way in road preservation with a portfolio of products for sealing, waterproofing and protecting.

Protecting the Road Structure and Layers

A typical road structure is built from four layers, starting with the foundations:

  • Sub grade is the layer which sits as an infilled embankment forming the foundation upon which all the other layers sit.
  • Sub base is a compacted granular layer which is rolled flat. Its purpose is to absorb stresses and energy created by traffic while acting as a barrier to any water and materials which may rise through the lowest levels. It stops the sub grade below and the road base above from combining.
  • Base course is a finer compacted layer upon which the surface course sits. Therefore, it must be very hard wearing to withstand heavy stresses as calculated by the civil engineers. This is the part which delivers a level driving experience.
  • Surface course layers are BituChem’s speciality. This is the pavement layer exposed to vehicles and the weather. It is the first line of defence in protecting the layers below. Roads across the UK are benefiting from the highway bituminous products manufactured and supplied by us to increase the longevity of the surface course.

Highway Preservation Materials for Road Structure

Highways agencies and local authorities are having to maximise budgets and maintain the integrity of the road structure amid the challenges of increased traffic and changes in weather patterns. In utilising pavement waterproofing and a variety of road emulsions, they are ensuring that road surfacing programmes are at their most effective. By preventing the ingress of water, more invasive and expensive repairs are avoided. Applying these products is also more efficient and reduces delays to motorists. Keeping traffic flowing has a wider benefit to local and regional economies as well maintained roads ensure daily life continues, business as usual.

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