What are sealed roads?

Sealed roads are roads which have been sealed with the application of a surface treatment. The surface treatments that can be used to seal a road are:

Rolled Asphalt

Also known as bitumen macadam or asphalt concrete, rolled asphalt is commonly used to surface roads and other areas such as car parks and runways.

Chip Seal

Chip seal is a mixture of asphalt, which is added to a base, and aggregates that are evenly distributed on the surface and rolled to create a paved surface. It’s sometimes referred to as sprayed seal or surface dressing.

Micro Asphalt

Sometimes referred to as micro surfacing, micro asphalt is a surface treatment that seals a road, protecting it from wear and the elements.

What are unsealed roads?

Unsealed roads are those that have been constructed but have not been sealed with a surface treatment such as rolled asphalt or chip seal. These are usually gravel roads, with loose aggregates that have not been sealed in with the application of a surface treatment.

While vehicles can drive on unsealed roads, they can cause problems, such as damage to vehicles, and aren’t suitable for high traffic or high-speed roads.

Surface treatments from BituChem

When it comes to surface treatments, we have spent 25 years supporting highway maintenance and construction industries in the UK to keep surfaces in optimum condition no matter their usage levels.

Therefore, at BituChem, we offer a comprehensive range of surface dressing emulsions and surface treatments that are HAPAS approved for use with our key partners, BBA.

These include:


LockChip is a high-performance sealed surface dressing that can be used to lock down loose aggregate for a smooth finish. Our LockChip binder not only looks fantastic (it leaves a deep, uniform black finish), it is also waterproof and resistant to a range of common defects including potholes and cracks.

LockChip bitumen coating can also be used for repairs on busy road networks as it cures in just 20 minutes, meaning minimum disruption to the public and more cost-effective operations.


FortSeal from BituChem is a road waterproofing and highway preservative that locks down aggregate and blackens existing road surfaces. As a protective emulsion, FortSeal preserves the structural integrity of a highway and delays the need for major resurfacing works in the event of damage to a road.

Asphalt & Road Sealing

As well as the above surface treatments, we also offer a range of products for asphalt sealing. These are:

HotJoint Paint

HotJoint Paint is applied hot to seal the edges of freshly laid sections of asphalt during road repairs.

ColdSeal Paint

ColdSeal Paint is a cold application, hand applied bituminous emulsion that is used to seal vertical joints.

Contact us for more information

If you would like any further information about any of the road emulsions and surface treatments used to seal and repair roads and highways, please contact us today. We have a range of data sheets and material safety data sheets available for our products and our friendly, knowledgeable team can support you in choosing the right product for your needs.