Winter Ready for Road Repairs

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December is the meteorological start of the winter season. It is a time of year when the UK roads take a pounding from a variety of sources. The longer nights bring with them a drop in temperature, heavy rain, frost and ice and snow if an arctic cold front descends over the country from the north. Combine this with the density of road traffic in the UK and it is easy to see why keeping our highways infrastructure in full working order is a challenge for agencies, local authorities and sub-contractors.

Supplying Surfacing Materials for Winter Road Repairs

At the start of this month, we already experienced winter driving conditions including ice, frost and areas of dense freezing fog. Gritters are despatched to prevent ice forming and creating dangerous driving conditions. But this can adversely affect the asphalt in the long term.
Elevated and mountainous regions in the north of England, Wales and the Scottish highlands will bear the brunt of the winter weather. London and the south-east will generally fair better being naturally a few degrees warmer owing to geography and residual heat generated your urban environment. That said, roads in towns and cities have their own challenges associated with densely populated areas and increased use.

Heavy rainfall settles on the road surface as it takes longer to distribute through the drainage systems. It can be prone to freezing at night and once this has happened small defects in the surface become fissures and cracks leading to the dreaded pothole.
The road damage caused by winter is the scourge of the modern motorist and in extreme cases is the downfall of many tyres, wheels and suspensions. With high numbers of commuter and Christmas traffic, plus all the daily logistics of transporting goods around the UK.

Supporting Winter Road Repairs

BituChem supplies those responsible for the upkeep and repair of our roads with an array of road surfacing options for both reactive repairs and proactive preventative measures. Wherever you are in the UK, we have a proven heritage of ensuring national and regional authorities are winter-ready with highway surfacing materials. Contact us to discuss your winter road repair needs.