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Why Summer is the Perfect Time To Get Potholes Repaired

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At BituChem, as part of our efforts to educate our customers, we’ve written extensively about potholes in the past. In our Knowledge Hub, we’ve outlined just how big a menace they can be to drivers, and we’ve talked about how and why they form. In this article, we’re going to be outlining why summer – particularly during June and July – is the perfect time of the year to get rid of them.

Reason 1: The Weather Makes it Easier

The first reason why summertime is the perfect time to repair potholes is that it’s simply the best time for it in terms of efficiency. During the summer, the weather is (on the whole) warm and temperate, easy to predict, and largely agreeable. This large period of agreeable weather makes it the ideal time to have any potholes repaired as any potential repair jobs can be completed quickly, without any fuss.

In contrast, having your potholes repaired during the autumn and winter seasons leaves the possibility open that your project may have to be moved to a different day or cancelled entirely due to the weather. Not only does this cause chaos

Reason 2: Getting It Done Earlier Will Shrink the Budget

The next reason why you should have your potholes repaired now is that having them repaired while they’re smaller means that they’ll be smaller, much easier to repair, and ultimately much cheaper to repair. This means you can save money in terms of your overall operational budget, meaning that you have the option to spend funds somewhere else.

Reason 3: Doing it Now Will Mean There’s Less To Do Later On

The final reason why you should get your potholes repaired at this point is that, if you get it done now, you don’t have to have it done later on in the year – when your overall operational budget may be smaller.

As previously mentioned, the longer you wait to have your potholes repaired means that there’s the very likely possibility that they’ll grow in the meantime. This means that it will be much more expensive to have them fixed, which could put such a job outside your current operational budget.

Pothole Repair From BituChem

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