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Why Now Is the Perfect Time to Prepare for Pothole Repair

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Pothole repair, as we’ve written before, is a very important component of general road repair. Repairing potholes early on ensures that damage to the road associated with potholes doesn’t spread. In turn, this ensures that the overall integrity of the road isn’t compromised. But when is the perfect time to complete pothole repair?

Well, you may be surprised to learn that the best time of the year to complete pothole repair isn’t summer. It’s late winter to early spring.  The reason for this is two parted:

Reason 1: Moisture

The first reason is moisture. To put it simply, for road resurfacing material to cure properly, the road surface should be as dry as possible – meaning that there should be little to no moisture on the surface of the road or in any internal spaces within the road.

While summer is a great time of the year if you’re looking for enough heat to minimize moisture, most potholes form during the height of winter because of the interaction between cold temperatures and moisture which has seeped into the ground. As it’s important to fix your potholes as soon as possible after they appear, the best time of the year to fix them is actually in the late winter and early spring – long before summer – when it’s dry enough for the resurfacing material to dry properly.

Reason 2:  Heat

The second reason why early spring/late winter is the best time of the year to repair potholes is that this time of year represents the point when it is cool enough for the surfacing material to set properly without having to worry about it re-liquifying. If the last year has shown us anything, it’s that British weather is increasingly difficult to predict, as well as increasingly tumultuous. At the same time, the ambient air temperature is high enough that the material can cure properly.

In Conclusion

As you can see, a combination of heat, time and moisture means that late winter/early spring is the perfect time to fix any troublesome potholes and complete any resurfacing works. 

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