What’s the Difference Between Sealed and Unsealed Roads?

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Depending upon where you are in the world a sealed road is defined as a route which is properly formed with sub layers. The road surface is smooth, hard and durable being made with materials such as tar, bitumen, or concrete.

Unsealed roads are classed as routes accessible by vehicles that are not sealed with surfacing and emulsions, metalled, or gravelled. In the UK these are often found as some private access routes, such as farm tracks or forestry trails. Elsewhere in the world this could also include fire trails, beaches, sand, tracks, fields, or paddocks.

And here lies a problem for motorists, especially for those who are travelling by hire car overseas. Here in the UK we can travel almost anywhere on made roads. But in Australia and New Zealand, nations renowned for their remote and beautiful locations, their sealed roads are mainly around urban and semi urban areas. The further you journey the more remote and more unsealed the roads become. For those who are hiring a car they may only be able to use it on sealed roads.

Should you be venturing to Iceland with its unmade roads of volcanic ash. Or perhaps you are looking to explore the vastness of the US and Canada. Wherever you are travelling it is always advisable to check the terms and conditions of your insurance and hire car small print to avoid any costly bills for damage caused by unsealed routes.

Sealing and Upgrading Roads with BituChem

Road sealing and upgrading unmade roads can be achieved with BituChem road surfacing materials and products. We support road maintenance and upgrades to routes across the UK and around the world. The type of road you are journeying on can pose challenges to drivers and we always aim to make the driving experience much smoother wherever you are.

Road Sealing and Surfacing with BituChem

Bituchem has a comprehensive selection of preventative and reactive road repair materials. If you are an organisation or authority responsible for maintaining or have plans to upgrade an existing network, we have the road surfacing solution for you. Please contact us for further information.