Road Surfacing Products for Reactive and Planned Repairs

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Road maintenance is divided into two categories. There are road surfacing applications and methods which are preventative and are usually pre planned to be undertaken during the late Spring and Summer months. Where preventative surface dressing and emulsion is applied, road sub layers are structurally sound. But without this intervention and maintenance they would require surface replacement three or four times as often. When a road is more degraded, further extensive maintenance and structural treatment can see 300mm of eroded surface being replaced with new road surfacing.

Reactive road repairs are often more isolated sections of asphalt and cover numerous fissures and potholes. These are usually carried out as emergency road surfacing following a spell of bad weather or if a section of road has been damaged after an accident.

Road Surfacing for the Winter Season

Winter throws many challenges to the busy roads of the United Kingdom. The past couple of decades has seen a change in our climate. An increase in rainfall combined with the extreme conditions of a very cold late Winter and Spring, followed by a Summer heatwave in 2018 has meant that keeping roads in the best circumstances for traffic this Winter poses trials for local authorities up and down the country.

BituChem has a diverse range of highway preservation products. Once applied, they keep a road surface in optimum condition for as long as possible so that more disruptive and invasive repairs are prevented. We know that all roads are not equal, so road emulsions and micro asphalt can be specified to consider the location and traffic flow.

Where emergency pothole repairs are needed, the AirPatch system allows the whole process of the small scale repair to be carried out by a single operative from the safety of a vehicle cab. Being highly mobile this machine and system can be deployed efficiently to multiple sites, reducing delays to road users.

Experienced Road Surfacing Contracting and Supplies

BituChem have been at the leading edge of road surfacing technology since 1984. With over three decades of development and innovation behind us, we supply Local Authorities and contractors with the highest quality materials for road repairs, road sealing and preservation. We also have a specialist Contracting Division, who carry out road surfacing throughout the UK from our Gloucestershire base. To discuss your requirements further, please contact us.