Make BituChem Part of Your Road Asset Management Plan

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The largest and most visible community asset for which Councils up and down the country hold responsibility for is the highway infrastructure. The networks position within our communities cannot be underestimated. Eighty percent of journeys to work in Manchester alone are made by road. The road network of Milton Keynes is valued at around £5.5 billion, and like those of other towns and cities in the UK, plays a vital role in supporting the community and the economy. Having a reliable supply of high quality materials to protect road surfaces and prolong their life is essential and BituChem has a full range of highway preservation products for preventative and reactive measures.

Highway Preservation in Your Road Asset Management Plan

Highway preservation in the 21st Century presents several challenges within a road asset management plan:

Road traffic continues to rise with a study by the Department for Transport (DfT) into future traffic congestion predicting that road vehicle numbers could increase by between 17 and 51 percent between 2015 to 2050.

Climate change creates uncertain factors for the management of public highways assets. Severe and less predictable weather events coupled with a shift in what is considered normal weather conditions relating to average temperatures, rainfall, wind levels, or UV radiation will all impact the highway infrastructure.

Against the backdrop of these conditions, a regular schedule of highway preservation activities and road sealing will prolong the lifetime of a section of road and prevent damage caused by the factors mentioned previously.

Maximise Your Road Asset Management Plan Budgets with BituChem

When it comes to road repairs a certain amount will be reactive. This could be damage caused by a road traffic accident, a spillage, or a burst water main, for example. But a programme of regular maintenance involving applications of surface dressing and micro asphalt will prevent more invasive damage. When the sub layers of a road have been breached and compromised, this becomes more costly and disruptive to repair.

BituChem are highly experienced at working with Councils and authorities to maximise their Road Asset Management Plan. A packed portfolio of wide ranging road surfacing products and applications will ensure your highways division has exactly what is needed to optimise its maintenance schedule. We also have a contracting division who ready to be deployed to action resurfacing and road maintenance with BituChem’s bituminous products.

For any technical and estimating information or contracting enquiries, please contact us today.