What are spray tankers used for?

Spray tankers are a type of HGV commonly used to apply surface dressing binder and bond coat in the course of highway preservation and road repairs.

Here at BituChem spray tankers can be used with most of our products, which brings a number of benefits.

What are the benefits of using a spray tanker?

The main benefit of using a spray tanker during highway preservation is that, for operatives, the whole process is operated from within the truck. This helps to mitigate the risk of injury, especially in live traffic environments and when working with hot materials.

Spray tankers also feature heating elements, which keep the emulsion at optimum temperatures for application. This makes them particularly effective and cost-effective, as they can be used to both transport and apply surface dressings or other products without the need for any additional equipment.

What kinds of applications are spray tankers used for?

Spray tankers are used for a few applications including:

Surface Dressing Applications

Surface dressing emulsions act as a sealant and a receiving coat for the surface dressing chippings At BituChem, we offer the following surface dressing emulsions:

  • PolBit – Intermediate grade.
  • FortCoat – Premium Grade
  • SuperCoat – Super Premium grade

Highway Preservative Applications

We manufacture and apply two distinct types of highway preservation systems:

  • FortSeal – used to seal an existing asphalt carriageway
  • LockChip – our sealed surface dressing system, which holds down the chippings on newly surface dressed roads

Bond Coat Applications

Bond coats provide an adhesive film between the layers of asphalt when constructing a carriageway. The application of a bond coat reduces slippage between the two layers and allows for even pressure distribution. Our PolyBond polymer-modified bond coat is used throughout the UK on the strategic and local road networks.

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