What is asphalt sealing?

Asphalt sealing, sometimes referred to as seal coating, involves applying a protective coating (such as cold seal emulsion) to surfaces to protect them from the ingress of water and damage.

When it comes to surfaces such as highways and pavements, it is both cost-effective and safe to take certain preventative steps to preserve the surface. This is achieved through asphalt sealing. Certain conditions, chemicals and oils can cause degradation, turning the surface brittle and opening it up to further damage. Rain, oil and UV rays are common contributors to surface damage.

Asphalt sealant provides an added layer of protection which prevents the ingress of these elements.

Types of Asphalt Sealing

At BituChem, we provide a wide range of asphalt and road sealing products for highway preservation and maintenance. This includes hot joint paint and cold seal paint. While our hot joint paint is applied hot to seal vertical joints in freshly laid sections of asphalt, ColdSeal can be applied cold, safely mitigating the risk of injury.

We have also recently created SafeJoint, an innovative safety development for handling raw hot joint paint materials. Developed in collaboration with our customer, Eurovia, SafeJoint is supplied in 10kg low-melt bags that fit perfectly into the top chamber removing any risk of splash to the operator.

Our high-quality asphalt sealants are expertly developed and rigorously tested to ensure we only offer industry-leading products to our customers. To learn more about any of our highway preservation services and products, take a look at our dedicated Knowledge Hub.

Asphalt Sealing From BituChem

Here at BituChem, we produce a large range of highway preservatives and highway bituminous products. For over 25 years we have worked with clients across the country to deliver second-to-none products and services for highway preservation and road maintenance.

For more information on any of our asphalt sealing products, please contact us. Our team would be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding our services and seal coating products. We can also send you a range of data sheets and material safety data sheets to support your project.