Can asphalt be laid in cold weather?

While the weather can be unpredictable (particularly here in the UK), there are optimum times of the year for laying asphalt and other forms of highway repair. There are also certain weather conditions where laying asphalt isn’t advisable for several reasons.

In this short article, we’ll explore how different types of weather can affect the quality of the surface course. We’ll also let you know when the best times of the year are for laying asphalt to ensure you get the best finish possible.

Laying Asphalt In Cold Weather

It is entirely possible to effectively lay asphalt in cold weather, as long as the conditions are favourable. If the ground is frozen, or it is raining, we would highly recommend delaying the work until it is dry and the temperature has risen somewhat. This is because, when you lay asphalt on frozen ground, it will also freeze and stiffen. The result of this will be potholes and cracks in the surface course.

Similarly, rainy, snowy or damp weather is not conductive to highway repair and laying asphalt. Like icy ground, if the surface is wet, the low temperature affects the quality of the asphalt. As it rapidly cools it won’t flow and it won’t be possible to compact it. This affects how long the surface course lasts and how prone it is to potholes and cracks – far from ideal for a freshly laid road or pavement!

When you appoint a contractor to lay asphalt for you, they should advise on the best times and weather conditions.

When Is The Best Time To Lay Asphalt?

At BituChem, we always advise that the best time of the year for highway repair is in the spring. While you can’t always guarantee the weather at this time of year (hello, April showers!), the ground is more likely to be dry and warm enough to allow asphalt to flow effectively and be sufficiently compacted.

For emergency and reactive road repairs, it is simply not safe to leave the surface course damaged – especially if it is a busy roadway or pavement. In these cases, working with professional contractors and high-quality materials will ensure asphalt is laid in the correct way to mitigate against future potholes and cracks.

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