Parks and Playgrounds

One of the best uses of our coloured surfacing is for parks and playgrounds; not only can it brighten up the area making it child friendly and more aesthetically attractive, but the material is much less abrasive than regular tarmac and other commonly used surfaces, meaning that it's easy on little knees! We at Bituchem have laid coloured paving for many parks and playgrounds, whether they're private or educational, and the finished result is always highly appreciated. If the park or playground is used for games or sport, our MUGA (Multi use games area surfacing) choice is excellent for separating the areas and ensuring that each sport has it's own colour, clearly defining it from the rest. This is a popular choice in schools and parks across the entire UK, as you can see in some of the projects below.

Park and Playground Surfacing Repair

Whether your park or playground surfacing is old or new, we have some incredible products available to help prevent damage and maintain the quality of your coloured asphalt, paving or other surface. As a preventative, Bituchem emulsions can ensure that weather damage and other wear and tear is kept to an absolute minimum, so your surfacing is at its highest possible durability. Don't hesitate to < a href="" title="Get In Touch For Coloured Surfacing">get in touch for advice or a quote, we're always glad to hear from you!