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Bituchem Education

Many schools across the UK are opting fro coloured surfacing and coloured paving on their premises, mostly because of the options it provides for things like sporting and gaming areas. The MUGA surfacing allows your to highlight the difference between each sporting area, so that each sporting surface can have its own Natratex or Colourtex colour assigned for whatever purpose. In addition to this, the coloured paving and surfacing we offer is often used on playgrounds as it means that teachers can define between separate areas for different age groups. It's also ideal as the material is much less abrasive than regular tarmac and other surfacing, so any trips or falls aren't quite as damaging to little knees!

Education Surfacing Repair and Maintenance

The very last thing you want on a school playground or sporting area is a hole or dent that could cause an injury to a child, which is why we at Bituchem offer many ways of preventing such things from happening. Our emulsions are the very best way to ensure that the durability of your coloured paving and surfacing stays at its very best for the longest time possible, whilst the sealants we offer can help to repair any damage that may have been caused. Don't hesitate to get in touch if you'd like some advice about our products and service.

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