Why Highway Repair is Important

Modern society is incredibly reliant on the road system. This has been true since the first roads were developed, but the invention of the car has only increased this reliance. Where once the water or train network was a valid way of transporting goods, shifts in infrastructure and behaviour has meant that today the road is the dominant form of transportation — especially in rural areas. This is true regardless of the type of road being discussed: according to a recent study, up to 84% of all movement is done via taxis, cars or vans. 

As a result, improper maintenance of the road surface can have a drastic effect on the economic outlook of an area. In this article, we’re going to explore the macro and micro effects on an area’s social economic output and outline why highway repair is important to an area. 

The Macro Effects of Unmaintained Roads

The immediate Macro Effects of cracked and broken highway surfacing are obvious, both from an aesthetic and from one concerned with road safety. 

From an aesthetic standpoint, a damaged highway simply looks wrong. Loose stones, strewn about a highway, gives the impression that the area is poorly maintained; cracked asphalt surfaces give the impression that the area is run down; and pot holes suggest that too few people drive through the area to notice or care. Not only does this have a negative emotional effect on the local population, but it also has a measurable financial impact on the area. 

The safety effects of a damaged road network are just as obvious as the aesthetic ones. For example, a driver going over the speed limit on a broken road is far more likely to have a very serious accident than a driver on a pristine road. 

While the macro socio-economic effects of a broken road system are easy enough to see, the micro socio-economic effects are much more difficult to spot. In many cases, they do not become apparent until months or even years have passed since the road damage became noticeable. 

The Micro Effects of Unmaintained Roads

Healthcare Effects 

Continually damaged access roads and highways cause serious practical issues for healthcare providers. 

Not only does it mean that ambulances will struggle to reach certain areas, but it also means that people will struggle to get to hospitals and their local GPs. As a result, issues that can be treated if caught early are often missed — and can lead to serious complications. This is especially true for low income areas, where there may be only a single medical provider for many miles. 

Because of these reasons, it’s important that road surface issues be treated as soon as possible.

Effect on Services

The next effect of poor road conditions is its effects on social and economic services within a given geographic area.  

Quite simply, areas with low quality road systems often have subpar social services. The lack of quality roads means a loss of residential interest by buyers who may have been interested in living in an area. This, in turn, leads to a noticeable loss of investment over the long term — meaning a noticeable anti-gentrification over time. 

This process is a slow and gradual one. While it can have a massive impact on an area, if the road network in the area is repaired early enough it can be averted. 

Business Profitability

As we’ve previously mentioned, a highway maintenance failure can lead to massive economic ripples in the local economy. 

Quite simply, broken roads — roads in lower income areas — are roads which motorists do their best to avoid, regardless of whether they are main or back roads. This, in turn, leads to fewer motorists spending time within an area and spending money there. 

As a result, local businesses suffer and will eventually fail. In the long term, the socio-economic prospects of the area will diminish — which will only lead to further highway issues, a disrupted economy, and the slow diminishing of local communities. 


In relation to the overall economic output of an area, a broken road surface leads to a diminishing tourist sector. 

Not only does a subpar highway network naturally dissuade tourists from visiting an area, it may serve as a literal barrier, depending on the extent of the damage. As a result, an area may cease to function as a tourist destination at all. 

Because of this, any area wishing to maintain any kind of tourist industry should make every effort to maintain its network of roads, before any damage has become noticeable. Any kind of loss of tourist prestige is difficult to regain once it has been lost. 

Road Maintenance by BituChem

As you can see, the continued health of the road network is intrinsically linked to the health of the surrounding area. As a result, it’s imperative that proper road maintenance be undertaken as soon as possible: highway surfacing should be maintained and potholes should be repaired as soon as possible. 

BituChem has many years experience maintaining and improving roads throughout the United Kingdom. Our service is second to none, and our products have been designed to match our – and your – high standards. 

For more information about highway repairs, surface dressing, or anything else, get in touch with BituChem today. Our experienced and dedicated team will be able to help you with any of your enquiries.