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Natratex & Colourtex

Natratex & Colourtex

Bituchem Asphalt's Natratex is the 'flagship' of our product range here at Bituchem Asphalt. It combines the key ingredients from our other hard landscaping products to form a durable, fully bonded, natural aggregate wearing course with a selection of natural finishes to choose from. Flexible in terms of its usage, Natratex has been used for roads and gravel footpaths both in the public and domestic sectors.

A specially formulated clear binder is used to bond natural aggregates, producing a durable, fully bonded yet natural looking surface. A variety of natural aggregates are available which can be used with a clear binder to give a long lasting, natural looking surface. This allows the architects and designers to blend the hard landscaping with the immediate architecture and surroundings. With the clear binder, Natratex is both environmentally sympathetic and durable.

Colourtex Surfacing:

Bituchem Asphalt's Colourtex is a highly versatile surfacing product that offers a durable and hard wearing asphalt-style surface in a wide range of vivid, long lasting colours. A greater emphasis for colour has enabled Colourtex to become one of the most popular and reliable coloured surfaces within the surfacing sector. This particular product enables customers to highlight certain areas of their project by employing different colours. Such coloured surfaces have proven to be especially effective as coloured driveways, in leisure areas, for gravel footpaths or where there is a need to clearly define or separate one section from another.

The wide range of colours available in the Colourtex portfolio is made possible by using a clear binder in the manufacturing process. This ensures strong and highly durable colours which are difficult to obtain when mixing colour pigments with black bitumen. Furthermore, complimentary coloured aggregates are used in order to achieve long lasting colour throughout the product life of Colourtex. Colourtex is growing increasingly popular as the material for coloured driveways, adding a touch of colour to your home or work place whilst at the same time providing that low-maintenance surface desired to save time and effort in the long run.

Our Projects:

In terms of its usage, Colourtex epitomises the flexibility of the Bituchem Asphalt range where it has been used both in the public and domestic sectors. It has proved popular for supermarket car parks and coloured driveways with Sainsburys, Safeway and Waitrose, who have all benefited from using Colourtex or Natratex. More recently, the product has also been used on domestic coloured driveways, as well as carriageways, parks, car parks, cycle-ways, gravel footpaths and areas of demarcation.