Here at Bituchem we specialise in the application of asphalt and coloured paving with our resin bound and resin bonded products. The industrial sector has become increasingly likely to invest in coloured paving, coloured asphalt and our other resin bonded products for carparks and driveways alike. The popularity of such surfaces comes from their easy to maintain and clean nature, and the fact that they can be laid very quickly with minimal disruptions to the business, its employees and customers.

Industrial Surface Repair and Maintenance:

Whether you've just had newly laid coloured surfacing from us, or you're looking to repair an old job, we have a huge list of products available for maintaining and repairing your coloured asphalt and other paving. The emulsions we supply and lay are the very best choice for protecting against weather damage and other wear and tear. Don't hesitate to contact us for advice on the repair and protection of your industrial surfaces, whether you've gone for coloured paving, driveways, carparks or some form of decorative landscaping, we know exactly what you need to get the best results for your money.